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*Please note:  LUB #166 is in the process of updating to bring into accordance with the recent revisions to the Municipal Government Act.


Please refer to the Cannabis Act @ or call 1-800 O-Canada.

Please refer to the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act

Please refer to the Cannabis – The Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission @

A few excerpts from the Acts:

No person may smoke or vape cannabis:

  1. in any area or place where that person is prohibited from smoking under the TSRA or any other Act or the bylaws of the municipality,
  2. on any hospital property, school property or child care facility property,
  3. in or within a prescribed distance from
    1. a playground,
    2. a sports or playing field,
    3. a skateboard park or bicycle park,
    4. a zoo,
    5. an outdoor theater,
    6. an outdoor pool or splash pad, or
    7. any other area or place that is prescribed or otherwise descried in the regulations.

Our amended Land Use Bylaw has the following:
609 Cannabis
609.1 Cannabis Retail Sales must be conducted from a permanent building, they cannot operate from a temporary building, structure or vehicle.
609.2 Cannabis Retail Sales sites must comply with all federal and provincial requirements.
609.3 A Cannabis Retail Sales use must be located at least 500m from any other existing Cannabis Retail Sales use.
609.4 The separation distance between Cannabis Retail Sales and other uses outlined in the provincial regulations, as well as other Cannabis Retail Sales uses shall be measured from the closest point on the parcel (property line) on which the the proposed Cannabis Retail Sales is located to the closest point of the parcel (property line) upon which the other use is located. The separation distances shall not be measured from district boundaries or walls of the buildings.
609.5 The site of a Cannabis Retail Sales shall be landscaped and designed in a manner consistent with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) planning principles.
609.6 Cannabis Retail Sales can only operate from 10am to 10pm.
609.7 The operator of a Cannabis Retail Sales must ensure that nuisances, including odour, are addressed to the satisfaction of the Development Authority.
609.8 The sale of Cannabis and Cannabis Accessories is limited to a Cannabis Retail Sales use in the Land Use District(s) of the Land Use Bylaw. Cannabis Retail Sales, Cannabis Accessories, and Cannabis Lounges will not be considered a like or similar use to any other commercial, industrial, residential, or institutional use.