Bylaws and Policies


Railway Residential Distict Bylaw 230 11

Road Closure Resolution

Assessment Review Board Agreement

Local Improvement Fee Bylaw 2015

Bylaw 98 Livestock Poultry

Enforcement Officer 240-14 bylaw

Wainwright Assessment Group

Payment Policy

Penalty Policy

Spray Policy 2014

Unsightly Premise Policy 2016   DRAFT

Public Participation Policy

Master Rate Policy 2018

Advertsing Polciy 2018.docx

Fire Pits & Barrels Policy

Dog Control Bylaw No. 251-17

Noise Bylaw No. 203-03

Revised UT Bylaw 250-17

2018 Taxation Bylaw

Procedural Bylaw 241-14

Code of Conduct Bylaw

Land Use Bylaw No. 166

*Please note:  LUB #66 is in the process of updating to bring into accordance with the recent revisions to the Municipal Government Act.

As per the Municipal Government Act, the Village of Rosalind is in the process of creating the following:

Municipal Development Plan

Intermunicipal Development Plan

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework