Services and Facilities

For your convenience, the Village of Rosalind now accepts online payments through the following banking institutions:

ATB Financial
BMO Bank of Montreal
Various Credit Unions

Select “Rosalind (Village): Utilities” or “Rosalind (Village): Property Tax” as the payee and enter your roll number (3 to 6 digits), which can be found on your utility or tax bill.
If paying an accounts receivable invoice (eg. dog fee, bulk water, garden work), please apply it to either your Tax or Utility number. If you do not have a Tax or Utility account, you can use your Invoice number or do an E-Transfer.

Please note: we now accept E-transfer payments from ALL banking institutions.

Payment Options

Just a reminder that Dog License (Tags) Renewals are due January 31 of each year. All dogs need to be registered with the Village of Rosalind @ $20/dog each year.  There is a maximum 2 dog per household.  You can enclose payment with your water and sewer bill.

The Village of Rosalind will work (till) your garden upon request.  $25.00